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Tea Social Media Campaigns

After creating the Welsh Brew Tea website, graphics & product photography, they required regular images & graphics to be used on various social media platforms.


They like to mix up their social media posts, adding more personal images & messages, and occasionally adding a more sales-focused post, promoting a special offer or creating a competition to engage their followers.

They have a very good group of followers, who understand that they are a nice, family company. Most of their posts get a great reaction & lots of people get involved. Each competition they run receives lots of comments, likes & shares.

It’s important to create imagery that fits with their brand & message. Each image is created using various background images & simple, clear typography.


They also post the occasional charitable post, giving away their own products for a good cause. We supply their social media graphics & ensure the target page on their website works, allowing people to get involved, make donations etc.

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